Your image is the first thing immediately available to others.
You can’t hide it, but you can control it.
Its time that you took your website to the next level.
About Ruchi

Ruchi Shah From a very young age, I was interested in dressing up appropriately for any occasion. Terms like fashion, makeup and grooming always fascinated me. I loved observing people. Not only did I love dressing up, but also loved talking about how one should style their hair and mix and match outfits.

Before I started my career as an Image Consultant I worked as an HR manager in a jewelry institute. Part of my job included training the students as to how they should present themselves in front of their interviewers in terms of dressing, etiquette and body language. I loved doing that part of my job more. My friends often used to seek my approval for purchases by often texting the retail links or photos of themselves in the mirror. At that time, I had no idea something like “image consulting” even existed but was fortunate enough to have someone point out image consulting as a career option.

My passion for grooming and understanding of etiquette led me to pursue my career as an Image Consultant where I can help people change from ‘inside out’ as I believe with good academics one needs to possess high competence, sound character, high self-esteem, confidence and charismatic persona to be able to create ones niche in this competitive world. As an Image consultant I would advice my clients after talking to them about their aspirations and experiences and help them improve on what they are already doing. The idea would be to keep the authenticity intact and emphasize the positives and not make them over in to something they are not.

As someone has correctly said – “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside”. 

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Individual Solutions
Etiquette and Body Language

Polish your etiquette skills to impress people at home, work and in social settings. Also, understand how to keep your body language calm and composed in these situations.


Job Ready

Research shows that almost 90% of the decisions regarding an interviewee are made within the first few seconds of the meeting. Your image is the first thing immediately available to others. You can’t hide it, but you can control it. This service will help the job seekers to project a powerful first impression during the interview process. It will cover topics like:

  • The importance of image management
  • The power of appropriate dressing and how to dress for an interview
  • Interview do’s and don’ts
  • Corporate etiquette
  • How to appear in control by taking care of your body language as your body language speak a thousand words
  • Tips on resume writing


Wedding Trousseau Shopping

Going to be a bride / groom soon but no clue where to start your wedding outfits hunt from or sick of seeing overpriced outfits everywhere or maybe you are one of them who hate shopping, or simply you just need an expert’s advise on your wedding outfits as you want to look your best on D –day. Well, rest assured and let me help you in purchase of your dream wedding trousseau, while you can relax and lay back!

What you will be helped with

  • You will be taken for shopping only to the best of boutiques, designers and stores around the city that fits your budget and taste. It will be made sure that your budget is not crossed at any point of time.
  • Consultation and coordination with designers for timely delivery and stylists for hair and makeup, in keeping with latest trends and what suits your body type. 
  • A quick makeover to make you look and feel good on your life’s best day (if I think that my client requires one)
  • If you are an NRI and will be visiting India for your wedding, you can also avail of this service. I understand that you have limited time and want the best deal for your buck.

Items I help you shop for

  • Trousseau and wedding outfits for the Bride /wedding outfits for the Groom
  • Accessories to match your outfits like shoes, bags, etc.
  • Personal items (for brides only)
  • Makeup


Wardrobe evaluation and closet organization

In this package, I will help you extract the clothes that don’t flatter your image / body (may include unflattering waistlines, horrid prints, oversized t-shirts, etc.) and then build complimenting outfits from what’s left and consulting with the client on pieces they need to invest in to fill their wardrobe void. Also understand the art of mixing and matching of few pieces to create more looks, known as clustering of clothes. You will also be helped in organizing your closet for maximum visibility and optimum utilization.


Personal shopping

Will begin with an interview with the client to identify and determine a client’s needs. It is important to differentiate between a clothing need and want. Learn how to shop smart as half of the times we go shopping we end up buying clothes we want rather than what we need. This, in turn makes our closet look full of clothes but still nothing to wear. Before taking my client for shopping, I will have to take a sneak peek in to their closet and then streamline the shopping process by picking the best clothing and accessories that fit their style, silhouette and of course budget.


Fashion Styling

Do you need to look jaw dropping fabulous for an event, dinner, a relative or friends wedding? Let me help you find that perfect outfit and accessory for that event.


Quick makeover

This head to toe overhaul is when you need a new look fast. The session will start over a chat with the client to understand what kind of a change they are looking for. Based on the meeting suitable options will be suggested to the client. It will include:

  • Shopping for new clothes
  • Grooming (makeup and hair)
  • Body language and etiquette


Pregnancy & post pregnancy styling

Being pregnant does not mean you can’t keep up with the trends and feel fashionable. Pregnancy is no longer considered a time in woman’s life when she has to wear baggy clothes. This service will help you in understanding how to dress stylish during pregnancy and yet feel comfortable in it.


All services can be customized according to client’s requirement.

We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and the packages chosen by them.

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Corporate Solutions

Group Workshop: First impressions play a vital role in today’s fast-paced business world. It is not only your high skilled mind that helps you score major contracts, but also your appearance, the way you act and behave in front of others, your body language and etiquette represents a confident personality, capable of handling anything that comes its way. Let me help your firm by holding workshops that will equip your employees with the information and skills necessary to ensure that they are able to make a positive impression. Workshops will enlighten your employees on topics such as:

  • First impression management 
  • Appropriate business dressing
  • Body language at work
  • Corporate etiquette

Retail Training: Your staff’s image reflects on your brand. This service will enlighten your staff on following topics:

  • How the staff image reflects on the brand they are selling
  • How to approach a client
  • How to analyze customer’s body shape and then accordingly suggest clothes to them
  • How to suggest them clothes according to the occasion
  • Grooming
  • Body language
  • Make-up for women

All services can be customized according to client’s requirement.

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