Style guide for skinny guys

So you feel you are too thin to find anything that will look as good as they make it look in the movies? No need to feel sad, there is enough for you to find the right combination of stylish clothes that will make you look just as good.

Find the fit:
No matter what you wear, make sure it fits well. Most skinny men tend to wear loose clothes feeling that will hide their skinniness, but that’s where they go wrong. Wear boot cut jeans with sleek shirts or t-shirts. Wear a jacket to go with it.

Find the right color:
If you are on the skinny side, then there are tricks that can help you play your body up. Researchers have shown that vertical stripes make a person look taller, and thinner. So you go for horizontal stripes and create an illusion that will make you look well built. And mix and match vibrant colors. Wearing single colors will emphasize your thin body frame.

The right hairstyle:
First and foremost, a well groomed look always is a great charmer. So make sure you groom yourself well and keep a neat look. While thin bodies have slimmer and angular faces, hairstyles that emphasize your prominent cheekbones will make you look much better. The key is getting a hairstyle that suits your face, not the one which is trending in any fashion cycle.

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