Re-Gifting Etiquette for the Holiday Season

While it’s really the thought that counts and you should always be gracious whenever someone’s taken the time and effort to buy a present for you. sometimes the gift is simply, without question, unintentionally wrong for you. It’s a holiday season and everyone re-gifts unwanted presents. It is ok to do so under certain conditions with some guidelines. Here are the top five rules for re-gifting the right way.
1. Make sure the gift is actually suited to its new owner – Don’t re-gift simply because you’re too lazy to go find the person a gift. Usually it’s obvious if the gift isn’t a right fit, the recipient might suspect it’s been re-gifted.
2. Don’t re-gift in the same social circle – Your mom gave you a sweater, and you re-gift it to your cousin. All three parties attend a family event, and your mother sees your cousin wearing same gift. Avoid this uncomfortable situation by re-gifting to an entirely different social circle.
3. Rewrap the gift carefully – It had all the potential of a successful re-gift, until the recipient saw another name scrawled on the gift bag tag. Make sure to rewrap the item so the new owner has no indication of the present’s origins.
4. Know when to keep an item, even if you don’t like it – Even if the present you received is so not your taste, don’t re-gift an item if the person may ask to see the item again or expects to see it on display in your home. It’s always embarrassing when the gift is enquired about, and you have to come up with an impromptu excuse.
5. Don’t use the item before you re- gift it – This may seem obvious, but it’s just plain inconsiderate to gift pre-used items—even if the scarf would work perfectly with your outfit, and she’ll never know the difference. If you like it enough to use it, perhaps you should keep it!

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