Happy Women’s Day

So it’s that day of the year when flowers, messages, little surprises will come our way to remind us to celebrate our day – women’s day. Girl we need no reminder, we can take on the world with pride and grace. This women’s day let’s take a deep breath and pat ourselves for our great work – juggling all that we do. Women have been managing the roles of wife, mother, and career person superbly. Several domestic chores, careers, children are taking a toll on their health. Women have the tendency to put everything before themselves – their parents, their brothers, their in-laws, their husband and pretty much anyone who comes around. This is simply unfair and every woman should take out the time to pledge to make time for themselves. So, this women’s day cherish being yourself and follow these quick practical tips because Women Health Empowerment is the key to a happy and successful family.
Meet your gynecologist regularly:
‘It’s a bliss to see that women today are more educated, have career goals and are placed with high flying jobs. But the one aspect that they ignore is their health. A lot of women suffer from many lifestyles related troubles because they are neglecting their health. Breast cancer and other gynecological troubles are not just prevalent among the senior lot but it’s mocking the young and talented women too. So women should be more attentive to their own problems and reach out for help.
Give your eyes some attention:
‘Your eyes have to put up with a lot of things – the wrath of age, stress, emotions and a lot of other things. They also need requisite care and attention. If you think there isn’t much to worry about your eyes as you are still doing well without specks in this age of iphone, ipad and computers, just do yourself a favor, get a comprehensive eye examination done and do this at least every six months.
Give oral care more importance:
‘A woman goes through a lot of rigid and severe stages in life starting from hormonal changes, puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and menopause. All these factors have a direct impact on dental health. As a woman, one must give utmost importance to their oral health. Regular brushing, flossing, intake of vitamins, green leafy vegetables, fruits like apple and citrus fruits like orange should be continued.
Enhance your beauty naturally:
‘Women, care for your hair, because it’s the only way you can enhance your beauty naturally. Keep your hair as clean as possible. Use a hair moisturizer or serum preferably silicon based one to protect your hair from UV rays and other environmental pollutants. If you want to pamper your hair which you should, go for a hair spa once a month. The new hair spa treatment that’s doing the rounds these days is the Moroccan oil treatment which moisturizes your hair and makes it lustrous.
Make it a point to eat healthy:
‘Women need to pay more attention to their own diet and health too while taking care of the entire family. It’s time they stop the practice of putting family first. Remember you too are a part of it. So stop eating leftovers or stuff yourself with all the excess food of the day’s menu just because you don’t want to toss them. Prepare healthy food for yourself too. Include a lot of proteins in your diet. Make sure there is milk or dairy included. To keep up with your protein requirement have pulses during every meal.

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