About Ruchi

Ruchi Shah From a very young age, I was interested in dressing up appropriately for any occasion. Terms like fashion, makeup and grooming always fascinated me. I loved observing people. Not only did I love dressing up, but also loved talking about how one should style their hair and mix and match outfits.

Before I started my career as an Image Consultant I worked as an HR manager in a jewelry institute. Part of my job included training the students as to how they should present themselves in front of their interviewers in terms of dressing, etiquette and body language. I loved doing that part of my job more. My friends often used to seek my approval for purchases by often texting the retail links or photos of themselves in the mirror. At that time, I had no idea something like “image consulting” even existed but was fortunate enough to have someone point out image consulting as a career option.

My passion for grooming and understanding of etiquette led me to pursue my career as an Image Consultant where I can help people change from ‘inside out’ as I believe with good academics one needs to possess high competence, sound character, high self-esteem, confidence and charismatic persona to be able to create ones niche in this competitive world. As an Image consultant I would advice my clients after talking to them about their aspirations and experiences and help them improve on what they are already doing. The idea would be to keep the authenticity intact and emphasize the positives and not make them over in to something they are not.

As someone has correctly said – “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside”. 

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