Complete Image Makeover: Everyone makes judgments about a person’s character, credibility, intelligence or income level based on first impressions alone. What do you think your image tells the world? This service will help you in undergoing a complete image makeover and hence is a time consuming process. I seek your cooperation as I help you change your image “inside-out”. The process will include the following:

  • Client Need Analysis (CNA): Your transformation starts with CNA, where we discuss what your needs are and what areas you would like me to assist you in.
  • Lifestyle Evaluation: Here we discuss about your lifestyle, your daily routine, etc. which will help me in understanding what kind of image do you want to portray.
  • Personal Style Identification: Find out about your personal style and what suits you the best in this clinic.
  • Body Shape Analysis: Find out how to dress to perfection by understanding your body shape.
  • Wardrobe Evaluation and closet organization: Know what works best for you and let go of what doesn’t. Also understand how to organize your closet for maximum visibility and optimum utilization.
  • Cluster Clothing: The art of understanding how to create more looks with limited pieces of clothing.
  • Personal Shopping: In this clinic the client gets to go shopping with me to fill in your wardrobe void after we have evaluated your wardrobe.
  • Makeup for Women: Learn practically how to apply your basic day and evening makeup to enhance your looks.

Wedding Package: Marriage age? Nervous about meeting boys / girls? No time and idea about your engagement / wedding clothes as well as the other million wedding events? Stressed about trousseau shopping? Don’t worry, this package can help you through the entire process from making you marriage ready to your wedding trousseau shopping as well as your look on your special day. It includes:

  • Marriage Ready: Meeting a boy / girl for marriage purpose can be quite intimidating. Confidence is the key and that will come with selection of proper clothing, makeup and hair. Let me help you in creating a look that will bring out your best physical and innermost qualities. Polish your etiquette skills and also learn how to keep your body language calm and composed during these situations.
  • Quick makeover: A quick makeover to make you look and feel good on your life’s best day 
  • Wedding Trousseau Shopping: You will be taken for shopping only to the best of boutiques, designers and stores around the city that fits your budget and taste. It will be made sure that your budget is not crossed at any point of time. Consultation and coordination with designers for timely delivery and stylists for hair and makeup, in keeping with latest trends and what suits your body type.
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